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Cuboree - 2014

posted 21 Apr 2013, 05:44 by Unknown user

The 8th Victorian Cuboree will be held from September 29th, until October 3rd, 2014 at Gilwell Park in Gembrook.


Tell me more about Cuboree...

  • There will be 4 Sub Camps. (3 Youth Camps, and 1 Service & Activity Leader Sub Camp)
  • Catering will be within the Pack Lines
  • Cub Scouts are not to be involved with the cooking.
  • There'll be 8 awesome activities spread across 5 days (And we're not giving you any hints on activities yet)
  • Cubs will camp in a Pack of 36 Cubs, 7 Leaders, 3  Adult Supporters (and carers as required)

Key Dates


29th of September to 3rd of October

Who can come?

Current, Registered Cub Scouts born after 28th of September 2003

When can we apply?

Applications will open in February 2014

When do applications close?

NO youth applications will be accepted after 30th of June

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