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Hall Refurbishment

posted 14 Jun 2020, 02:01 by Andrew Yeaman   [ updated 31 Jul 2021, 19:38 ]
We are very pleased to advise that the City of Whitehorse are due to commence our hall refurbishment program this week.

The highlights of the program include:
  • re-stumping and replacement of the floor boards in the hall
  • replacement of the existing timber bearer with a steel bearer along the eastern side of the hall
  • construction of new front steps
  • addition of a ramp to the front entry
  • a new doorway in the eastern wall of the Venturer's den
  • a ramp from the new doorway to the front entry porch.
This program has mostly been funded by the City of Whitehorse but has also been supported by a grant from the Federal Government.

You can follow the progress on our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/1stheatherdalescoutgroup.

Andrew Yeaman,
14 Jun 2020, 02:13