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Group Fees

The Group relies on all families contributing to the fundraising activities held throughout the year to be able to keep the fees at these levels.

2020/21 Financial Year
Normally fees are invoiced in May and cover the year from 1 July through to 30 June of the next year; however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Scouts Victoria and this Group will not be charging fees until 31 March 2021. This means you will not receive an invoice this year as per usual; however, we will still have some costs to cover until fees are charged again.

Recognising that many families have been financially impacted by the current situation and not wanting to add any further stress, we are seeking the support of families (or others) who are able to assist financially. There are a number of avenues that are available to do this:
  • Buy/sell raffle tickets
  • Donate directly to the Group (not tax-deductible)
  • Donate to us through Scouts Victoria (tax-deductible).
Raffle Tickets
The Annual Monster Raffle is on again this year and we will have tickets available in May or early June. There is a great list of prizes on offer (including a Holden Trax LS). Tickets cost $2 and for every ticket sold $2 comes back to our Group. So, one option might be to buy more raffle tickets than you usually would.

Donate directly to the Group
You can make a donation directly to 1st Heatherdale.
This can be done very simply by making a bank transfer to our bank account and then sending an email to Richard Coates (treasurer AT 1stheatherdale.com.au) letting him know that you’ve made a donation to the Group. He will issue you with a receipt; however, this is not tax deductible.

Donate to us through Scouts Victoria
Go www.scoutsvictoria.com.au, click on the Donate button on the home page, and make sure that you indicate in the Notes the name of your CHILD and that the donation is intended for 1st Heatherdale. This way you will receive a receipt, 1st Heatherdale will receive your donation and your donation will be tax deductible. It will also be helpful for Richard to know that you’ve made a donation in this way – please send an email to treasurer AT 1stheatherdale.com.au as well.

2019/20 Financial Year
 Scouts Victoria Registration Fee
 $236 Compulsory fee for all members that covers insurance and Scouting resources.
 Group Fee
 $75 Covers the District fees, leader training, leader registration and utilities (Hall, tents & major equipment) to run the Scout Group.
 Maintenance Levy
 $65 Per family and provides funds to maintain our equipment and cleaning supplies, etc for the Scout Hall.
 Section Fee
  Provides funds to buy badges and program material.
  - Cubs, Scouts & Venturers
  - Joeys

Fees cover the period 1 July 2019 through to 30 June 2020 inclusive. For new members joining part way through the Scout year, the fees will be prorated according to the quarter (School Term) in which they commence.

Venturers who are hosted by 1st Heatherdale will be charged the normal fees other than the "Scouts Victoria Registration Fee" which will be paid by their home group.

Annual fees are payable by 31 May 2019. Payment by EFT is the preferred option. We do not offer a credit card option.

Fees are non-refundable.

Non-payment of fees will preclude participation by youth members. Scouting is for everyone so if you have difficulties with payments please discuss with the Group Leader.

Families that have one or more child involved in the group are only required to pay one Maintenance Levy.

Example 1  

For a family with one Scout, the annual fees are:
Scouts Victoria Registration  1 x $236 = $236
Group Fee  1 x $75 = $75
Maintenance Levy  1 x $65 = $65
Section Fee  1 x $50 = $50
TOTAL         $426

Example 2  

For a family with one Scout and one Joey, the fees are:
Scouts Victoria Registration  2 x $236 = $472
Group Fee  2 x $75 = $150
Maintenance Levy  1 x $65 = $65
Section Fee (Scouts)
 1 x $50 = $50
Section Fee (Joeys)
 1 x $30 = $30
TOTAL         $767

Discount does not apply to the Scouts Victoria registration fee.  Discount only applies to annual fees and not prorated fees.

Further discounts apply to families who join in and participate as an adult member in the running of the Group as either a Leader or as a member of the Group Committee.

Fees for children of Committee Members and Leaders will be discounted by 20% and 80% respectively on the portion that does not go to Scouts Victoria. Committee Members have to hold an Office Bearer position, eg, Chairperson, and be registered with Scouts Victoria to be eligible for the discount. The Committee Member Discount is only applied after the initial year of service. 

Using the examples above:

 Leader Family -
In Example 1 the family would only be required to pay $274 and in Example 2 the cost to the family would be $531.
 Committee Member - In Example 1 the family would be required to pay $388 and in Example 2 the cost to the family would be $708.

If you are interested in joining the Committee or becoming a Leader please contact the Group Leader to discuss how you can assist.

1st Heatherdale Scout Group
BSB: 033-061
A/C: 460167