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What is Operoo?
Operoo (formerly known as CareMonkey) is an online form platform that gives authorised carers instant access to important medical and consent details in an emergency on mobile devices.

We use Operoo as a permission form every time we have an activity that takes us away from the hall.

Why Operoo?
Operoo provides a number of benefits both for parents and leaders:
  • it is a more direct way of keeping medical records up to date
  • it avoids the need to complete a paper form with the same information on it for each excursion
  • it allows leaders to find information easily
  • it allows for automated reminders
  • it is safe and not accessible to the general public
  • you control who has access to the information
  • it provides a credit card mechanism when paying for camps, etc. 
How do I get Operoo?
Operoo can be accessed via the app you download to your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone. It is also available via a browser on your computer. All of this at no cost to you.

See Operoo Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Personal Information Record
If you don't have access to Operoo, please complete the Scouts Victoria Personal Information Record as required for each event.