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Old Badges

Care & Share, Environment, Mob Buddy & Adventure badges.
These four Challenges are considered 'Participation' badges, where the Joey Scout earns these badges by joining in with their Mob of fellow Joey Scouts on the same Challenge (as long as they've done some of the activities).

In addition to the specific aspects of each Challenge, these activities develop the Joey Scouts' social awareness, and spirit of teamwork.

Promise Challenge Badge
This is the major Challenge for the Joey Scout Section and has some individual elements as well as activities to do with the Mob. This is generally attempted by the older Joey Scouts. 

The aim of this Challenge is to allow older Joey Scouts to gain a greater understanding of the Scout Promise and Law as well as to learn about our Founder, Lord Baden-Powell (BP), and the history of Scouting. This will require the Joey Scout to find out about Baden-Powell, and the larger Scouting Movement. 

A most important part of this challenge is that the work is visually the work of the Joey Scout (keeping in mind that spelling and tidiness are not critical for a 7yr old), and not something typed on a computer (or done by Mum and Dad).

They will expand their understanding (in an age appropriate manner) of:
  • Duty to God
  • Duty to Others
  • Duty to Self
This achievement would be celebrated by the mob and announced at school too.

Placement of Badges
The Care and Share, Environment, Mob Buddy and Adventure Challenge badges are worn on the right sleeve of the Joey Scout uniform, in a diamond shape. The badges can be placed in any order.

The Promise Challenge badge is worn on the left sleeve of the Joey Scout uniform.
This badge should be transferred to the Cub Scout uniform when the Joey Scout goes up to the Cub Scout Pack. It is placed in the position that the Bronze Boomerang will eventually occupy, and is replaced when the Bronze Boomerang is earned.