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Fantastic Race - Saturday 31 July to Sunday 1 August
A Patrol Activity requiring Scouts to travel around via public transport (train) and foot power, completing challenges and finding information and clues that will give them access to their next destination. The adventure starts at 8am on Saturday morning at Heathmont Railway Station Car Park (with check-in from 7am) and finishes at 3pm on Sunday afternoon at H.E. Parker Reserve in Heathmont (Melways map 64C2). Overnight accommodation is provided in a Scout hall around Heathmont, Ringwood East and Bayswater stations with a pizza dinner and movies.

Each Patrol requires:
1. A $10.00 entry fee per scout, paid up front with return of entry form.
2. A Mobile Phone with adequate credit and charger (Communication will be via TXT with calls for emergencies) and a spare mobile just in case.
3. Metcard travel passes, for zone 2 only ($2.70 per day, total $5.40), for each team member covering the weekend.
4. Pocket money, snacks lunch and drink for Saturday and Sunday.
5. Sleeping gear and personnel toiletries for Saturday night.

What to wear: casual dress (comfortable walking shoes) and scarf.

Read more about the Fantastic Race ...

Patrol Activity Planning Night - Thursday 5 August
The Patrol Activity is an activity that is undertaken by a Patrol. The Patrol decides on its own activity. There are may things that can be undertaken, but the Patrol decides on the activity and then submits it to the Troop Council for approval. The activity should require a minimum of eight hours for each Patrol member, and includes planning, organisation and participation time, with a minimum of adult involvement. On Patrol Activity Planning Night, each Patrol is to meet at a Patrol member's house to begin planning their Patrol Activity. Each Patrol will need to arrange the time and place of this meeting.

Dallas Brooks Camp - Friday 20 to Sunday 22 August
This is a camp just for our Troop and is held at the Glen Eira District camp site (Melway Map 210 F9) at Beaconsfield Upper (less than an hour from Mitcham). The camp will start on the evening of Friday 20 August and end on the afternoon of Sunday 22 August. The cost will be $30 per Scout.

Whitehorse Showtime - Wednesday 1 September
This year we have two of our Troop members participating as members of the cast! As a Group we can all support them by coming along and enjoying the show on Wednesday 1 September. The show starts at 7:30pm at The Whitehorse Centre, Whitehorse Road, Nunawading. Cost of tickets is $14 per person. We will be meeting outside the Whitehorse Centre at 7:15pm. (NB: There is no Scout meeting at the hall this week; however, there is a Troop Council for Patrol Leaders).
Due: Mon 9 August

Cohen Shield - Sunday 12 September*
This is an annual competitive Patrol activity for Scouts that is run at different locations throughout the state. The theme for this year's Mt Dandenong Region event is Burke and Wills 150 Years. Come on an adventure as your patrol becomes part of Burke and Wills' exploration party through activities that include construction, cooking, first aid, Scouting skills and navigation. Your patrol will spend the day at Clifford Park taking part in a number of activities and having fun. You will need to wear clothes suitable for walking in the bush plus your scarf. You will also need to bring a backpack with a drink, your lunch and wet weather gear. Read more ...
Due: Thu 26 August

Dark Zone - Thursday 16 September*
For our last night of Scouts this term, we are planning a night at Dark Zone, 942-946 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill (Phone: 9897 4544).     Time: Arrive at Dark Zone at 6.50pm for a 7pm start
    Cost: $21 per person (this includes, 3 laser games, 15 minutes of arcade games and a drink)
    Pick-up time: 8.20pm
Sounds like a night not to be missed, so make sure you have a health form and money in an envelope with your name on the front for Thursday the 9th of September.
Due: Thu 9 September

Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) and Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI) - Sunday 17 October - 1pm to 5pm
An international Scouting activity where Scouts and Guides from all over the world come together over a weekend to link up via amateur radio and the Internet to share their Scouting stories. The Scout Radio and Electronics Service Unit, in conjunction with 11th Box Hill Scouts will be putting on a very high tech activity with a full Amateur Radio Station (the hall will look a lot like a porcupine by the time Hayden and Gerard are finished setting up the Antennas!), radio fox hunting, Morse Code battle ship games, semaphore activities and your chance to connect with Scouts from across the country and the world. Read more ...
Cost: $5

McDonalds Fund Raising Night - Monday 18 October - 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Our last McDonalds fund raiser made a substantial profit for our group. Help us make this night just as successful by inviting family and friends to come along. Ask them to mention that they are from “1st Heatherdale Scout Group”. Scouts are required to wear uniform.
NB: There will be no activity for Scouts on the Monday after McDonalds as we will still be meeting on the Thursday as usual.

International Master Chef - Thursday 21 October
Each patrol has chosen a country as the basis for their food presentation. Patrol members are reminded that they need to bring the appropriate ingredients as agreed with the other patrol members. NB: If you have forgotten what you are meant to bring, it might be a good idea to give your patrol leader a ring!
It would also be a good idea to bring an apron!

ScoutHike - Friday 5 to Sunday 7 November*
SCOUTHIKE is the name given to the annual hiking event organised for Scouts from all over the State. SCOUTHIKE 2010 is to be held in the Tallarook State Forest on the weekend of 5th, 6th and 7th November, 2010. This is a patrol based activity that has the two-fold purpose of providing Scouts who have not or do not have the opportunity to regularly go hiking a novel approach as an introduction to hiking and lightweight camping. Further it provides a competitive basis for Scouts and Patrols who have been hiking to compete for the perpetual trophy. Every Patrol receives a SCOUTHIKE Pennant and every scout receives a SCOUTHIKE Badge. Younger Scouts have the opportunity to participate in a Learner Patrol. The major difference between Learner Patrols and Competition Patrols is that Learner Patrols camp both nights at the same Sleep Point and on the Saturday only hike with a day pack and participate in activities. On Sunday they have to carry their full pack to the finish point and can do activities. Learner Patrols will be operating reduced hours on Saturday, ie, starting later and finishing earlier. Read more ...

Scouts will travel to ScoutHike via bus. Buses will depart from Walker Park, Whitehorse Road, Nunawading (Melways 48 G9/H9) at 7pm. Please use the car park in Walker Park - do not park in the service road (reserved for buses). Buses will return on Sunday afternoon between 4pm and 4:30pm. Scouts must arrive no later than 6:30pm for check-in prior to departure.
Due: Thu 7 October

Gilweroo - Friday 19 to Sunday 21 November*
For a great weekend of fun and activities come to Bay Park, Mt Martha for Gilweroo. Cost $60. Read more ...
We will be meeting at hall at 2pm on Friday for an early departure and returning to the hall on Sunday afternoon by 4pm.
Here is a checklist of personal gear you need to pack for the weekend.

Ice Blocking - Thursday 25 November
This is a great night of fun where you get to slide down a hill on an ice block! The only equipment needed is a block of ice, thick clothing and a bike helmet. An old towel (do not bring a good towel as it is likely to get quite stained), a hessian sack or even an old piece of carpet is recommended to sit on. The ice block needs to be big enough so that you can sit on it and thick enough that it does not break in half too easily.

To make the ice block you need a plastic container. The size of the ice block will depend on the size of your Scout. A 4 litre icecream container will make a small one. You can use a 15 litre activity box to make a larger block.  Fill with at least 10 cm of water and freeze for at least 2-3 days. You can add some reinforcing to the ice block by freezing something like an onion bag within the block. You can also make a handle for your ice block by freezing a piece of rope into the block.

It is likely that you will become a little wet and dirty, so don't wear your best shorts or pants! Don't forget your helmet.

Indoor Sports (Combined night with Cubs) - Thursday 2 December*
This activity will be held at the Action Indoor Sports Centre in Box Hill (9 Clarice Road) from 7pm to 9pm. Cost is $10 per person. Wear sports clothes - no uniform - scarf only. Bring a drink bottle or money to buy a drink. Drop off/pick up from Box Hill.

Inverloch Beach Camp - Friday 10 to Sunday 12 December*
For a relaxing weekend of fun and to wind up our Scout year, come to Inverloch. Cost $20. Additional cost for surf lessons approx $40 (optional, if available). Please bring your money this week in an envelope with your name on it.