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Old Award Scheme

The Scout Section Award Scheme provides the main focus for the Patrol and Troop activities and gives recognition to Scouts for achievement.
Following a Scout's Investiture, they complete the Scoutcraft Badge and then may earn Targets to become a Pioneer, Explorer and Adventurer Scout. Target requirements provide for going places and doing the adventurous, appealing things that Scouts enjoy, including camping, hiking, exploring, swimming, boating, track and field, fitness activities, and environment projects and practices, usually in the company of the Patrol or other Scouts.

Scoutcraft Badge
This is usually the first badge to be gained and awarded in the Scout Section. The training and testing is carried out jointly by the Patrol Leader and Scout Leader.

Scout Target Badges 
There are three levels of Target badges. To achieve the Pioneer, Explorer or Adventurer Badge, the Scout must complete the two compulsory Campcraft and Citizenship Target badges, plus one of the six elective Pioneer Target badges at each level.


The Pioneer Badge (Red) concentrates on participation and learning.
The Explorer Badge (Blue) concentrates on knowledge and skill.
The Adventurer Badge (Green) concentrates on instructing others.

Scout Proficiency Badges
The aim of the Proficiency Badge system is to allow the Scout to develop in a challenging and interesting pursuit. To achieve a Proficiency Badge the Scout must fulfil requirements set in conjunction with their Adviser and which include the three elements of demonstrate/investigate, skill and an activity.

Patrol Activity Badges
A Scout is required to earn one Patrol Activity Badge for each of the Target levels in order to earn their Cord for each level. Patrols decide on their own activity to be undertaken as a group. The Troop Council sets the standards for the activity and decides when the Patrol Activity has been achieved.

To earn the Pioneer Cord (Red) the Scout must complete the Pioneer Badge, two Proficiency Badges and one Patrol Activity Badge.

To earn the Explorer Cord (Blue) the Scout must complete the Explorer Badge, two Proficiency Badges (making a total of four Proficiency Badges), and one Patrol Activity Badge (making a total of two Patrol Activity Badges).

To earn the Adventurer Cord (Green) the Scout must complete the Adventurer Badge, two Proficiency Badges (making a total of six Proficiency Badges), and one Patrol Activity Badge (making a total of three Patrol Activity Badges).

Australian Scout Medallion (ASM)
The Australian Scout Medallion is the highest award in the Scout Section. It is considered the pinnacle of Scouting at this stage.

To earn the Australian Scout Medallion a Scout must:
  • Participate in a Scout Leadership Course at any time after completion of the Pioneer Badge;
  • Demonstrate an active leadership role in Scouting;
  • Achieve the Adventurer Cord.

Scout Leadership Course Badge
The Scout Leadership Course aims to provide suitable leadership skills for Scouts, utilising a practical "hands on" approach. This course is organised and run in line with the Patrol System, and can be undertaken on completion of the Pioneer Badge.

Venturer Scout Link Badge
...links Scouts to the Venturer Section. Completion of this badge prepares the Scout for advancement to the Venturer Scout Unit.