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2010 District Hike - 30 April to 2 May

posted 13 Apr 2010, 00:12 by 1st Heatherdale Admin

Cost:  $10

Start:  Friday, 6.30pm meet at 1st Nunawading Hall

Transport:   Parents will be needed for this on both Friday and Sunday. Please advise as to your availability. (If you have a Working With Children’s Check and would like to join us please let Boags know.) 

Accommodation: All scouts will need to work in patrols to share tentage (unless you have your own single person tent). It is best to share carrying a small, lightweight tent with others. Tents should ideally be no bigger than 3 person 

Walking:  We will be walking along old tramways and timber milling tracks in the Powelltown area of the Yarra Valley. There will be different hikes for Pioneer and Explorer level scouts on Saturday. The 2 groups will meet and camp together so as to be ready to walk together on Sunday.

Return:  Final arrangements for the completion of the hike are yet to be made. Details to come next term.

Please read the equipment list carefully. This is a lightweight hike, so pack appropriately. All Scouts will be carrying their pack, so lightweight is important. Speak to your leaders about how they may be able to help out. Make sure you have suitable, sturdy footwear and a light waterproof raincoat.



  • Hike pack (this is the maximum required)
    • 2 litres water (make sure it is a totally sealed and solid container)
    • Healthy snacks
    • Hat / beanie
    • Raincoat
    • Sunscreen as part of personal first aid kit
    • Compass
    • small ( roll) toilet paper (and digger if you have one)
    • 1x t-shirts
    • 1x pair undies / 1 x thermal singlet (optional)
    • 1x pair shorts
    • 1x pair of long pants (thermal are good as can be worn under long or with shorts)
    • 2x pair thick, long socks
    • 1x Warm jumper / thermal top
  • Toiletries
    • Tooth brush
    • Small piece Soap in plastic bag (or small bottle with screw lid, such as from when you stay at a hotel)
    • Face washer / small towel
    • Tooth paste ( an almost finished tube is a good item to have ready for hiking
    • Deodorant (optional)
    • Insect repellent
  • Miscellaneous
    • torch
    • matches (good to have in a waterproof bag/container), whistle
    • Sleeping bag (inside a totally waterproof bag)
    • Sleeping mat
    • Hike tent (we will be arranging to share hike tents before leaving)
    • Large garbage bag, 2 small plastic bags
    • 4-6 metres strong cord/twine
    • Hike stove, billy, fuel, (we will be arranging the sharing of these items)
    • Dilly bag ( mug, knife, fork, spoon, bowl)
    • Small items for cleaning eating/cooking gear
    • Camera (optional)


You will need to have eaten (or bring it with you) dinner before coming on Friday night.

>>   2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner.  ##  All food is to be appropriate for hiking and not required to be kept cold.     Snack / scroggin