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Dump & Run - Thu 13 Sep

posted 10 Sept 2012, 03:58 by Andrew Yeaman

The idea of the night is that the Scouts, as a patrol, will be dropped off in an unknown suburban location. They will be given a compass and a bearing to the nearest train station. They then have to navigate back to the nearest train station and then travel by train to a central meeting point (in this case Hungry Jack's - Corner Whitehorse road and Heatherdale road)
The Scouts will have 1 hour to complete the activity with patrol points awarded according to the overall time taken.
Each patrol will have a parent shadow and we will also need parents for the initial drop off. Parent shadows are there for safety - and not to provide assistance to the Scouts.

Things you all need to know:
  • Full Scout uniform must be worn
  • Each Scout will need a Myki with credit
  • Scouts should not bring any technology 
  • Bring a small amount of money for supper at Hungry Jacks
  • We will need 4 drivers
  • We will need 4 shadows, with mobiles - one per patrol.
  • Meet at Scout hall at 7 pm
  • Drop at unknown location around 7:30 pm (Scouts to be blindfolded with scarfs)
  • Scouts allowed to start from 7:30 pm
  • Scouts and shadows then have 1 hour to get back to Hungry Jacks in Heatherdale road (Melway 49D9)
  • 8:30 all Scouts to be back at Hungry Jacks where Leaders will be contactable if required.
  • Pick up from Hungry Jacks at 9 pm
  • Scout leaders will take parent shadows and anyone else who needs a lift back to the hall at the end of the evening.
Scouts will need a backpack, a coat and/or warm jacket, torch, water bottle, good walking shoes, myki with credit, pen and paper.
PL's to take a compass.
All patrols start with 30 points and first back, by 8:30, gets another 50 points, second 25, third 15. Patrols back after 8:30 pm will lose 1 point for every minute late.