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Scout Events 2013

Ice Blocking - Thu 28 Nov

posted 11 Nov 2013, 04:39 by Andrew Yeaman

For our program on Thursday 28th November we will be ice blocking at the basin opposite Heatherdale Reserve.

This is a great night of fun where you get to slide down a hill on an ice block! The only equipment needed is a block of ice, thick clothing and a bike helmet. An old towel (do not bring a good towel as it is likely to get quite stained), a hessian sack or even an old piece of carpet is recommended to sit on. The ice block needs to be big enough so that you can sit on it and thick enough that it does not break in half too easily. 

To make the ice block you need a plastic container. The size of the ice block you require will depend on the size of your Scout. A 4 litre icecream container will make a small one. You can use a 15 litre activity box to make a larger block.  Fill with at least 10 cm of water and freeze for at least 2-3 days. You can add some reinforcing to the ice block by freezing something like an onion bag within the block (do not use metal!). You can also make a handle for your ice block by freezing a piece of rope into the block.

It is likely that you will become wet and dirty, so don't wear your best shorts/pants and runners! Don't forget your helmet.

So it is time to start making those ice blocks in order to be ready for the night. So get freezing!

We will start the night at the hall for parade and then head over to the basin for some ice blocking fun.

Things you need to know:
  • Start at 7pm at the Scout hall
  • Wear your uniform please (but wear old pants)
  • Bring your ice block/s
  • Bring a helmet - no helmet, no ice blocking!
  • You may want to bring a change of clothes - you can change at the basin
  • Pick up at 9pm at the hall as usual.

Bike Ride - Thu 14 Nov

posted 11 Nov 2013, 04:25 by Andrew Yeaman

This week we're riding the Eastlink trail. Get your Mum or Dad to drop you and your bike off at Schwerkolt Cottage at 6.50pm. We want to start right on time so we can beat the failing light. We'll get back at Schwerkolt Cottage for an 8.30pm pick up. 

Make sure your bike is in good working order, bring lights if you have any (may not to be necessary as we plan to be back on dusk).

From past experience it's a good idea to bring a back pack with a drink bottle and some basic tools if you have any, plus don't forget your health form and bike helmet. Plus anything else you think you'll need - remember our motto is Be Prepared.

Mum or Dad are very welcome to join us for the ride.

Schwerkolt cottage is off Deep Creek Road, Mitcham.

Bounce - Thu 5 Dec

posted 4 Nov 2013, 15:24 by Andrew Yeaman

Our final troop activity for the year will be a visit to Bounce. This is a fun activity involving over 100 interconnected trampolines, over 500 square metres of foam pits and padding to land on, and trampoline ‘dodge-ball’. The cost of the event is $13.50. In order to make a booking we need to know the number of people coming. Please bring $13.50 (correct money please) in an envelope with your name and the event on the front.

Things you need to know:
  • Be at Bounce (2 Weir Street, Glen Iris) no later than 7:45pm
  • Wear your uniform please (but wear comfortable pants)
  • Special Bounce socks will be supplied
  • Bring $5-$10 for supper
  • Parents pick-up at 9:30pm from Bounce in Glen Iris
  • Melway ref: 59 F6

Sports Night - Thu 7 Nov

posted 4 Nov 2013, 14:27 by Andrew Yeaman

Thursday 7 November we are holding a Sports Night at Mullauna College, Mitcham.

Drop off (7pm) and pick up (9pm) from the Sports Centre car park entrance in Tirana Street, Mitcham.

What to wear: Scout Uniform
What to bring: Water bottle, tennis racquet (optional), table tennis bats (optional)

Gilweroo - Fri 22 to Sun 24 Nov

posted 22 Oct 2013, 05:04 by Andrew Yeaman

This is a major activity camp and is very popular with Scouts across Victoria. It offers a wide variety of fun activities, including flying fox, geocaching, catapaults, rock climbing, water slide to name a few. The camp is held at Bay Park, Mt Martha. The total cost is $60 for the weekend. This camp is so popular that if we don't confirm our booking by next weekend we will lose our place! This means that you will need to get your name on the list fast! For more details see the Gilweroo web site.

To see who's coming and who's paid, click here.

The main day time activities are run from 8:00am til 5:30pm on Saturday and 8:00am til 2:00pm Sunday, with only minimal breaks. We will meet at the Scout Hall at 6:30pm on Friday night (22 Nov) and return to the hall by 5pm on Sunday afternoon (24 Nov). You will need to have had tea before we head off to Gilweroo.

JOTA / JOTI at Harkaway Camp - Fri 18 to Sun 20 Oct

posted 6 Oct 2013, 04:46 by Andrew Yeaman

This year’s JOTA (Jamboree on the Air) / JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) is hitting the road, or rather the track to Harkaway Scout Camp for a fun weekend full of electronic activities to discover and learn.

This weekend is being organised by the Scouts of 1st Ferntree Gully Cubs & Scouts from 4th Knox, 2nd Knoxfield, 1st Selby, 2nd/3rd Bayswater and 1st Emerald have been invited to camp with us along with half a million scouts from around the world to join us.

Sherbrooke Community Radio Club will be assisting with the Jota part of the weekend with HAM Radios and EchoLink computers capable of reaching all the corners of the planet.

The Leaders and Helpers will be running the Joti part of the weekend with a range of activities such as Internet Relay Chat and Teamspeak on the computers along with games & puzzles to play with Scouts around the world.

Outside there will be heaps of activities to keep you busy such as electronic fox hunting, geocaching, a Discovery table and much, much more.

JOTA at 11th Box Hill - Sat 19 Oct / Sun 20 Oct

posted 6 Oct 2013, 04:39 by Andrew Yeaman

11th Box Hill (in conjunction with the Scout Radio and Electronics Service Unit) is once again running JOTA on the weekend of the 19th and 20th of October. 

JOTA stands for Jamboree on the Air, which is an international event run every year, to encourage scouts anguides from all over the world to communicate via amateur (ham) radio.

19th and 20th October
10am to 12pm for Joeys and Cubs.
12:30pm to 5pm for Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. 
11th Box Hill Scout Hall,
31 Tyne St, Box Hill North 
How Much:  $5 per person, including your JOTA badge. 

Scavenger Hunt - Thu 19 Sep

posted 17 Sept 2013, 02:25 by Andrew Yeaman

Place:         Forest Hill Chase (meeting outside the cinema complex on Level 3)
Time:          7pm
Dress:         Scout shirt and scarf
Pick-up:      9pm from McDonalds in the food court on Level 1
As we are meeting after the Scavenger Hunt in the food court, you may like to bring along some money for supper. If you have a camera could you please bring it along. You will also need at least one mobile phone per patrol and a pen/pencil.
Looking forward to seeing you there.

Cohen Shield - Sun 15 Sep

posted 22 Aug 2013, 00:14 by Andrew Yeaman

An annual challenge event for patrols held at Clifford Park Scout Activity Centre (7 Clifford Dr, Wonga Park).

Time: 8am to 4pm
Date: Sunday, 15 September 2013

Your patrol will face the challenges of years past, through:
  • Helping a DC find his troops
  • Solving a problem with Sheep
  • Assisting some tangle footed scouts
  • Retracing the path of the first fleet
  • Help out a TV Chef in need.

For more information (including what to bring) see the attachments below.

Billy Kart Challenge - Sat 14 Sep

posted 28 Jul 2013, 22:48 by Andrew Yeaman

An annual event run at Clifford Park. 

The main aim is for Scouts to build Billy Karts and have fun!

Billy Kart Specifications
  • Billy Kart Minimum width 850mm.  Maximum length 1500mm; (Minimum width to reduce roll over probability)
  • No steel (or other metal) framed billy karts;  (Reduce penetration or sharp corner penetration or crush injuries)
  • The billy cart centre stay and cross pieces are to be constructed of wood;
  • No sharp protrusions;
  • No fixed steering wheel or other fixed devices (eg Braking bar) which may cause a chest crush injury in a collision or roll over;
  • Foot steering on front axle with rope control; (to maximise steering control – billy kart needs to accommodate scouts of differing leg reach)
  • Foot braking systems only (so that scouts do not need to let go of the rope steering mechanism)
  • Steering limiter (A block of wood must be secured to billy kart centre stay so that the steering axle can only rotate 45 degrees in either direction).
  • Wheel diameter is to be a maximum 260mm;
  • Billy karts must have four wheels (No three wheel billy karts – high probability of roll-over).
Patrol Safety Equipment
Scouts participating will need to bring along some Safety Equipment:
  • Drivers MUST be wearing a helmet and gloves at all times whilst driving the Billy Kart. Drivers will also need all exposed skin on arms and legs covered with long sleeve shirt, long pants and sturdy footwear. (Thongs and open toed sandals don't rate as sturdy footwear!)
  • Knee pads and elbow pads are strongly recommended.
  • Patrol Members need to be wearing long sleeve shirt, long pants and sturdy footwear. Gloves are recommended. If you fall over whilst pushing, gravel rash really hurts!
What to Bring:
  • Personal Information Record & Health Statement (Medical Form)
  • Bring along a cut lunch and water bottle / drink.
More details:
... see attached

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