Jamboree Fundraising

posted 18 Dec 2012, 03:38 by Andrew Yeaman

The following is the position that was agreed to by the Group Committee at its last meeting.

There are three leaders from 1st Heatherdale attending Jamboree - Boags, Kiwi and myself.

The cost for leaders to attend Jamboree is $1,150. It was agreed that the Group would meet half of this cost, ie, $575 per leader. 

Kiwi was successful in obtaining a grant of $1,200 from Telstra to help leaders attend Jamboree. This grant is to be split equally amongst the leaders, ie, they will each receive $400.

There are 13 Scouts attending Jamboree. All funds raised thoughout the year specifically for Jamboree are to be divided evenly amongst the 13 Scouts. The final amount will be determined once all chocolate monies are received. All families are asked to send their bank account details to the Group Treasurer, Wendy Norris, so that Wendy can deposit the Jamboree funds in each family's account rather than having to send out cheques.