Pocket Money and Valuables

posted 18 Dec 2012, 05:29 by Andrew Yeaman

Scouts may wish to bring some pocket money with them. You will need to decide what you want to send; however, a reasonable amount might be in the order of $5 - $10 per day. In order to safeguard these funds you are requested to put the money into envelopes (ie, one per day) with the Scout's name and the amount on it. The money will be handed to Badger for safe keeping for the duration of the Jamboree and issued to Scouts upon request. A good way to handover the money will be to put all your envelopes into a pencil case or a snap lock bag with the Scout's name on it.

At the Jamboree there will be nowhere for things such as mobile phones and iPods to be charged; therefore it is suggested that they be left at home. The leaders cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged electronic devices if Scouts choose to bring them.