What to bring

posted 18 Dec 2012, 03:57 by Andrew Yeaman

Scouts will need to wear their VicCon shirt on the bus to QLD (and bring a woggle for their Jamboree scarf). They can also bring a pillow and a small blanket (packed in the VicCon backpack). Scouts are to pack all their personal gear into the supplied roller bag.

Scouts will receive their AJ2013 water bottle, scarf and hat as well as a small hand sanitiser on the bus on New Year's Day. Scouts will also receive a Troop shirt once we arrive in camp. 

At the Shakedown Camp last month Scouts were issued with a backpack, roller bag, 2 luggage tags and 2 AJ2013 badges. The luggage tags are to be attached to the backpack and roller bag, and are then brought with us on the bus. Roller bags must not have anything strapped to the outside. Only roller bags are to be loaded into the coach cargo holds.

One of the AJ2013 badges is to be sewn onto the front of the normal Scout shirt (opposite the pocket) and the other may be sewn onto a camp blanket or just kept as a souvenir.

This means that as part of their standard kit, Scouts will receive 3 shirts for Jamboree - troop, Vic and national! The normal Scout shirt is also to be brought to Jamboree and worn to the opening and closing ceremonies.

For the remainder of the required gear, refer to the checklist in the Parent Resource Book.