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District Hike - Fri 20 to Sun 22 Mar

posted 14 Feb 2015, 02:29 by Andrew Yeaman
Our up coming District hike will be split into two levels, Pioneer & Explorer. 

Details as follows:
Pioneer Level Scouts will be required to meet at Starling Gap at 4-00pm on Saturday 21st March, with all their hiking equipment. They will set up tents & camp Saturday night, cooking their dinner & the following morning will hike to Ada Tree. Parents can collect them from Ada Tree at 4-00 pm.

Getting there - Situated on the dividing ridge between the Yarra and Latrobe Rivers, south-east of Warburton. Access from the Warburton Hwy [B380] at Yarra Junction: South-east 23k on the Yarra Junction - Noojee Rd [C425] through Powelltown, a few metres over The Bump, left (north) 11.3k up the Big Creek Road (gravel).

Explorer Level Scouts will be required to meet at Big Pat’s Creek at 7-00pm Friday night 20 March. They will set up camp & the following morning they will hike to Starling Gap, where they will camp Saturday night with the rest of the party. Sunday they will hike to Ada Tree.

For all those Scouts wanting to complete their Explorer level hike they will have to complete the following tasks & submit them to their own Scout Leaders for sign off prior to the commencement of the hike.
  • Obtain a current map of the area that we will be hiking.
  • Mark in the route
  • Complete a hike plan (see below)
  • Make up a camp notice
  • At completion of the hike submit a hike report to your Scout Leader.
All Scouts are to be collected from Ada Tree at 4:00pm on Sunday.
Directions: Warburton Hwy/B380 Turn right onto Little Yarra Rd/Yarra Junction- Noojee Rd/C425 30.7 km. Turn left onto Ada River Rd 10.6 km
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