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Scout Events 2017

Bay Jam - Sun 7 to Sat 13 Jan 2018

posted 15 Jul 2017, 20:59 by Andrew Yeaman

This is an activity camp that is held at Bay Park, Mt Martha.

This camp is run as a Jamboree style camp, ie, Scouts from 1st Heatherdale will be placed into a Troop of up to 36 Scouts with 3 or 4 Leaders. There are a multitude of activities (both on-site and off-site) across the week.


Sunday 7th January 2018 – Bump In and Camp Set Up
Monday 8th – Off-Site Activities
Tuesday 9th – Off-Site Activities
Wednesday 10th Everyone On-Site with On-Site Activities
Thursday 11th – Off-Site Activities
Friday 12th – Off-Site Activities
Saturday 13th – Camp Pack up and Bump Out

Off-Site Activities include:

Wide Game
Geocache/Scout Skills

On-Site Activities:

Evening Entertainment
Gang Show
and More

Cost: $300
Due: 15 Oct
Method: EFT
BSB: 033-061
A/C: 460167

Gilweroo - Fri 17 to Sun 19 Nov

posted 15 Jul 2017, 20:34 by Andrew Yeaman

When: Friday 17 to Sunday 19 November

Meeting at the hall on Friday at 6:30pm (wear uniform and have tea before coming to the hall).
Departure on Sunday is from 4pm; therefore, we will be back at the hall between 5pm and 5:30pm.

Where: Bay Park, Mt Martha (see attached map)

What to bring:
Our standard gear list for camping can be seen on our web site: 
This list should be read in conjunction with the information supplied by the Gilweroo organising committee:

CareMonkey and Permission Forms:
As you know we have moved to CareMonkey to replace the old PIR (Health) Form. CareMonkey also replaces permission forms for special activities like Gilweroo. This means that you will receive two invitations to attend Gilweroo - one from 1st Heatherdale and the other from Scouts Victoria (the Gilweroo organising committee). 

Parent Helpers:
We will need parent helpers at the camp to assist with catering and we will help with transport to and from the camp. If you can help out, please let me know via CareMonkey.

NB: Every vehicle entering the park, including those just dropping off people or equipment, must be pre-registered with Gilweroo. 

Vehicle Policy:
  • All vehicles entering Joseph Harris Park (Bay Park) from 5pm to 12 midnight on Friday November 17 must be pre-Registered on the Gilweroo Service Desk.
  • All vehicles entering Joseph Harris Park (Bay Park) after 4pm on Sunday November 19 must be pre-Registered on the Gilweroo Service Desk.
  • The only exceptions to these rules will be Emergency Service Vehicles.
  • All vehicles using the Gilweroo Off-site Car Park at 225 Hopetoun Avenue, Mount Martha, must be pre-Registered on the Gilweroo Service Desk.
  • Official vehicles will be issued with a permit that must be displayed in the windscreen.
  • On Friday evening, registered vehicles are permitted to drive to the Scout Group's Campsite for the sole purpose of delivering participants, helpers and equipment. They are permitted to remain for a reasonable time to allow unloading. Once unloaded, they must be removed to a carpark location immediately.
  • On Sunday afternoon, registered vehicles are permitted to drive to the Scout Group's Campsite for the sole purpose of collecting participants, helpers and equipment.
  • Trailers are permitted to be left at the campsite over the weekend, provided they do NOT obstruct other vehicular movement or neighbouring campsites.
  • Vehicles parked on other Troop sites on Friday night will be removed. Any damage sustained during this removal will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Removal will be effected using either flat-top towage or chained and dragged by a 4x4 vehicle. 
  • A Scout pickup zone will be established on Sunday afternoon near the Volleyball court area. Vehicles collecting just people and their personal belongings are directed to enter the park via Gate 2 and proceed to the pickup zone. If the passengers are not present when the vehicle arrives at the pickup zone, the vehicle is directed to leave immediately via Gate 4 and re-queue to enter again at Gate 2.
  • Scouts are not to leave the Bay Park property on foot. Exit from the park must be by vehicle only.

Cost: $75
Due: 24 Aug
Method: Cash or EFT
BSB: 033-061
A/C: 460167

Abseiling Camp - Fri 13 to Sun 15 Oct

posted 9 Jul 2017, 00:38 by Andrew Yeaman

We have booked a weekend with the State Abseiling Team at the Cathedral Ranges, Taggerty.
The Team will teach you how to abseil and you will have the chance to earn your proficiency badge.

We will camp overnight.

There are a limited number of places available.

Cost: $85

Cost: $85
Due: 20 Sep
Method: Cash or EFT
BSB: 033-061
A/C: 460167

Mandurina - Fri 3 to Sun 5 Nov

posted 9 Jul 2017, 00:38 by Andrew Yeaman

When: Friday 3 to Sunday 5 November

Meeting at the hall on Friday at 6:30pm (wear uniform and have tea before coming to the hall).
Final parade is on Sunday at 2pm; therefore, I anticipate being back at the hall between 4:30pm and 5pm.

Where: Caringal Scout Camp, Tyers Junction

What to bring:
Our standard gear list for camping can be seen on our web site: 

This year's Mandurina (the Whitehorse District camp) will be held at Caringal Scout Camp, Tyers Junction.

All Scouts attending will have the opportunity to earn their Abseiling and Rock Climbing Proficiency Badges.

Activities will include Abseiling, Crate Stacking, Rock Climbing as well as lots of other fun Scouting Activities.

Cost: $55

 abseil  rock climb  

Cost: $55
Due: 20 Oct
Method: Cash or EFT
BSB: 033-061
A/C: 460167

Cohen Shield - Sun 10 Sep

posted 9 Jul 2017, 00:26 by Andrew Yeaman

The Spy world is challenging place where you need to be skilled, resourceful and be able to work together to achieve. Is your Patrol up to it?

This year your team of agents (Patrol) will need to:
  • Graduate Spy School by being able to track your targets
  • Construct a signal in a challenging area for your fellow agents to find you
  • Improvise to cook a meal for your team of agents
  • Be able to find evidence of where opposing agents have been, be resourceful in maintaining your hydration
  • Be ready for anything and be able to look after your team of agents under harsh conditions.
This event is run on the Sunday and is preceded by the Billy Kart Challenge on the Saturday. Scouts will be able to camp overnight at Clifford Park.

  • just for Cohen Shield - $5
  • camping overnight - add $25
  • also doing Billy Kart Challenge - add $5

Cost (weekend): $35
Due: 17 Aug
Method: Cash

Bill Kart Challenge - Sat 9 Sep

posted 9 Jul 2017, 00:20 by Andrew Yeaman

An annual event run at Clifford Park. This event is run on the Saturday and is followed by the Cohen Shield event on the Sunday. Scouts will be able to camp overnight at Clifford Park.

The main aim is for Scouts to build Billy Karts and have fun!

Billy Kart Specifications
  • Billy Kart Minimum width 850mm.  Maximum length 1500mm; (Minimum width to reduce roll over probability)
  • No steel (or other metal) framed billy karts;  (Reduce penetration or sharp corner penetration or crush injuries)
  • The billy cart centre stay and cross pieces are to be constructed of wood;
  • No sharp protrusions;
  • No fixed steering wheel or other fixed devices (eg Braking bar) which may cause a chest crush injury in a collision or roll over;
  • Foot steering on front axle with rope control; (to maximise steering control – billy kart needs to accommodate scouts of differing leg reach)
  • Foot braking systems only (so that scouts do not need to let go of the rope steering mechanism)
  • Steering limiter (A block of wood must be secured to billy kart centre stay so that the steering axle can only rotate 45 degrees in either direction).
  • Wheel diameter is to be a maximum 260mm;
  • Billy karts must have four wheels (No three wheel billy karts – high probability of roll-over).
Patrol Safety Equipment
Scouts participating will need to bring along some Safety Equipment:
  • Drivers MUST be wearing a helmet and gloves at all times whilst driving the Billy Kart. Drivers will also need all exposed skin on arms and legs covered with long sleeve shirt, long pants and sturdy footwear. (Thongs and open toed sandals don't rate as sturdy footwear!)
  • Knee pads and elbow pads are strongly recommended.
  • Patrol Members need to be wearing long sleeve shirt, long pants and sturdy footwear. Gloves are recommended. If you fall over whilst pushing, gravel rash really hurts!
  • just for Billy Kart Challenge - $5
  • camping overnight - add $25
  • staying for Cohen Shield  - add $5

Cost (weekend): $35
Due: 17 Aug
Method: Cash

Whitehorse Showtime - Thu 24 Aug

posted 9 Jul 2017, 00:01 by Andrew Yeaman

It's that time of year again! Whitehorse Showtime is about to kick off its 2017 season and we would love you to come along. Join Whitehorse Showtime 2017 as we trek through the Sands of Time and marvel at the adventures that await us. Experience the bustling markets of Ancient Egypt and the lavish parties of Viking housewives. Get an insight into a strange and awe-inspiring future, and join in the lawless escapades of the Wild West. There's something for everyone and fun for the whole family!

Whitehorse Showtime is a revue style show, written, produced and performed by the Scouts and Guides of the Mount Dandenong Region. After months of rehearsal it is performed over six nights plus one matinee to an audience of more than 2700.

This year there are over 145 Scouts and Guides on stage (including some of our own Scouts and Venturers), as well as a support crew of 200 working behind the scenes. Showtime is a fantastic opportunity for the youth - learning theatre craft, promoting confidence, teaching social skills and developing leadership among peers.

Cost: $20 (group booking price).

Location: Whitehorse Centre, Whitehorse Road, Nunawading

Cost (per ticket): $20
Due: 10 Aug
Method: Cash or EFT
BSB: 033-061
A/C: 460167

Fantastic Race - Sat 5 to Sun 6 Aug

posted 8 Jul 2017, 23:50 by Andrew Yeaman

The Fantastic Race is a Patrol Activity that requires you to travel around via public transport and foot power, use the grey matter between your ears, yes that is thinking and I know it hurts, to complete challenges and find information and clues that you will use to complete the “Password” that will give you access to your next destination and challenges.

Commencing at the Heathmont Railway Station Car Park at 7:15am on Saturday, (Melway map 50 A12), you will venture out as Patrols travelling primarily by train and foot to a series of destinations at which you will be required to complete a challenge, answer some questions or solve a puzzle in order to complete the password to get your next instructions.

The fantastic Race finishes up at the Scout Hall in H.E. Parker Reserve at 3pm on Sunday (Melway map 64 C2).

The cost is $15.00 per Scout to cover Dinner and Breakfast, Camp Blanket Badge, Prizes and running costs. You will also need to have a myki card with sufficient credit for travel in Zone 2 for the weekend. Each patrol must have a mobile phone which is used to check in with base and for emergency use (DO NOT FORGET YOUR PHONE CHARGER TO RE-CHARGE THE PHONE OVER NIGHT) . 

You will need to bring Sleeping Gear for Saturday night, pocket money for lunch and snacks or separate food, Dilly Bag and a sense of adventure and fun!!!

Late arrival and early departure. If a Scout is arriving after the event starts or is leaving before
the end of the event the scout MUST report to the CONTROL CENTRE at Heathmont Scout
Centre 117 Heathmont Road Heathmont. For late arrival please come to Heathmont, you will
be advised where to meet your Patrol. If a Scout is leaving early the parent or guardian
collecting the Scout MUST contact the CONTROL CENTRE at Heathmont to be advised where
they may collect the Scout, this will likely be one of the Internet cafes located around the event,
Scouts are not to leave the event without advising the CONTROL CENTRE at Heathmont.

Cost: $15
Due: 15 Aug
Method: Cash

National Tree Day - Sun 30 Jul

posted 8 Jul 2017, 23:45 by Andrew Yeaman

National Tree Day is an opportunity to do something positive for your local environment and community and to reconnect with nature by joining in with Australia's largest community tree planting and nature care event.

The City of Whitehorse are running a Tree Day site at the Eastern Freeway linear reserve - alongside the Eastern Freeway and accessed from Kett St, Nunawading.
The activity will run from 10am to 12pm on Sunday 30 July and will conclude with a free BBQ.

Dump and Run - Thu 27 Jul

posted 8 Jul 2017, 23:45 by Andrew Yeaman

The idea of the night is that the Scouts, as a patrol, will be dropped off in an unknown suburban location. They will be given some clues to find there way to the nearest train station. They then travel by train to a central meeting point (in this case Hungry Jack's - Corner Whitehorse road and Heatherdale road)
The Scouts will have 1 hour to complete the activity.
Each patrol will have a parent shadow and we will also need parents for the initial drop off. Parent shadows are there for safety - and not to provide assistance to the Scouts.

Things you all need to know:
  • Full Scout uniform must be worn
  • Each Scout will need a Myki with credit
  • Scouts should not bring/use any technology that might assist in their navigation
  • Bring a small amount of money for supper at Hungry Jacks
  • We will need 5 drivers
  • We will need 5 shadows, with mobiles - one per patrol
  • Meet at Scout hall at 7pm
  • Drop at unknown location no later than 7:30pm (Scouts to be blindfolded with scarfs)
  • Scouts allowed to start from 7:30pm
  • Scouts and shadows then have 1 hour to get back to Hungry Jacks in Heatherdale road (Melway 49D9)
  • 8:30pm all Scouts to be back at Hungry Jacks where Leaders will be contactable if required.
  • Pick up from Hungry Jacks at 9pm
  • Scout leaders will take parent shadows and anyone else who needs a lift back to the hall at the end of the evening.
Scouts will need a backpack, a coat and/or warm jacket, torch, water bottle, good walking shoes, myki with credit, pen and paper.

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