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Fantastic Race - Sat 4 to Sun 5 Aug

posted 8 Jul 2017, 23:50 by Andrew Yeaman

The Fantastic Race is a Patrol Activity that requires you to travel around via public transport and foot power, use the grey matter between your ears, yes that is thinking and I know it hurts, to complete challenges and find information and clues that you will use to complete the “Password” that will give you access to your next destination and challenges.

Commencing at the Heathmont Railway Station Car Park at 7:15am on Saturday, (Melway map 50 A12), you will venture out as Patrols travelling primarily by train and foot to a series of destinations at which you will be required to complete a challenge, answer some questions or solve a puzzle in order to complete the password to get your next instructions.

The fantastic Race finishes up at the Scout Hall in H.E. Parker Reserve at 3pm on Sunday (Melway map 64 C2).

The cost is $15.00 per Scout to cover Dinner and Breakfast, Camp Blanket Badge, Prizes and running costs. You will also need to have a myki card with sufficient credit for travel in Zone 2 for the weekend. Each patrol must have a mobile phone which is used to check in with base and for emergency use (DO NOT FORGET YOUR PHONE CHARGER TO RE-CHARGE THE PHONE OVER NIGHT) . 

You will need to bring Sleeping Gear for Saturday night, pocket money for lunch and snacks or separate food, Dilly Bag and a sense of adventure and fun!!!

Late arrival and early departure. If a Scout is arriving after the event starts or is leaving before
the end of the event the scout MUST report to the CONTROL CENTRE at Heathmont Scout
Centre 117 Heathmont Road Heathmont. For late arrival please come to Heathmont, you will
be advised where to meet your Patrol. If a Scout is leaving early the parent or guardian
collecting the Scout MUST contact the CONTROL CENTRE at Heathmont to be advised where
they may collect the Scout, this will likely be one of the Internet cafes located around the event,
Scouts are not to leave the event without advising the CONTROL CENTRE at Heathmont.

Cost: $15
Due: 4 Aug
Method: Cash