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Scout Events 2019

Gilweroo - Fri 15 to Sun 17 November

posted 27 Sept 2019, 15:02 by 1st Heatherdale Admin   [ updated 9 May 2020, 22:58 by Andrew Yeaman ]

What is it?
Gilweroo is a full-on activity camp that runs across a weekend in November at Bay Park, Mt Martha.
Activities, include flying fox, geocaching, catapults, rock climbing, water slide to name but a few. 
For a more complete list see

How does it work?
This is a patrol based camp where each patrol participates in either the Omega or Sigma activity stream. Each stream consists of 11 scheduled activities - some of which are common to both streams; however, one point of difference is Air Rifles. This activity is only available to the Omega stream and open to participants who are at least 12 years old and MUST have permission from a parent or guardian to participate.

The main day time activities are run from 8:00am til 5:30pm on Saturday and 8:00am til 2:00pm Sunday, with only minimal breaks. We will meet at the Scout Hall at 6:30pm on Friday night (15 Nov) and return to the hall by 5pm on Sunday afternoon (17 Nov). You will need to have had tea before we head off to Gilweroo.

How much does it cost?
The total cost for the weekend is $80.

What do I bring?
Please refer to the personal equipment list.

How do I book?
You must complete the CareMonkey form and pay by Monday 14 October.

What can my parents do to help?
As with most major events we will parental help with transport; however, for this camp we also need help with cooking.
You can nominate your availability to help on the CareMonkey form.

Mandurina - Fri 25 to Sun 27 October

posted 27 Sept 2019, 14:42 by 1st Heatherdale Admin

Mandurina is the annual Whitehorse District Camp.

The Theme of this year's Mandurina will be “gourmet cooking”.

It will be held at Clifford Park with Troops arriving Friday night and final parade being 3:30pm Sunday.
We will be camping Friday / Saturday night.

Troops will self cater and Scouts will cook in Patrols.

Looking forward to awesome camp food prepared by our Scouts and watching them learn lots of new skills. (This will also go towards their award scheme).

Cohen Shield - Sun 15 Sep

posted 17 Aug 2019, 01:58 by Andrew Yeaman

Yes, we are off to the movies. Does your Patrol have the skills to take on the challenges
presented to some of Disney’s famous characters and plots? We’ll see.

Over the event your Patrol will face various challenges that will test your skills in Construction,
Cooking, First Aid, Navigation and general scout skills.

Are you up to:
  • Helping Tarzan rescue Jane
  • Catering for a swamp party for Shrek
  • Surviving Frozen
  • Finding Dori … again
  • Helping Simba learn to lead and also look after the environment.
Cost: $25 per patrol

See also attached flyer

Billy Karts - Sat 14 Sep

posted 17 Aug 2019, 01:50 by Andrew Yeaman

An annual event run at Clifford Park. This event is run on the Saturday and is followed by the Cohen Shield event on the Sunday. Scouts will be able to camp overnight at Clifford Park.

The main aim is for Scouts to build Billy Karts and have fun!

Billy Kart Specifications
  • Billy Kart Minimum width 850mm.  Maximum length 1500mm; (Minimum width to reduce roll over probability)
  • No steel (or other metal) framed billy karts;  (Reduce penetration or sharp corner penetration or crush injuries)
  • The billy cart centre stay and cross pieces are to be constructed of wood;
  • No sharp protrusions;
  • No fixed steering wheel or other fixed devices (eg Braking bar) which may cause a chest crush injury in a collision or roll over;
  • Foot steering on front axle with rope control; (to maximise steering control – billy kart needs to accommodate scouts of differing leg reach)
  • Foot braking systems only (so that scouts do not need to let go of the rope steering mechanism)
  • Steering limiter (A block of wood must be secured to billy kart centre stay so that the steering axle can only rotate 45 degrees in either direction).
  • Wheel diameter is to be a maximum 260mm;
  • Billy Karts must have four wheels (No three wheel billy karts – high probability of roll-over).
Patrol Safety Equipment
Scouts participating will need to bring along some Safety Equipment:
  • Drivers MUST be wearing a helmet and gloves at all times whilst driving the Billy Kart. Drivers will also need all exposed skin on arms and legs covered with long sleeve shirt, long pants and sturdy footwear. (Thongs and open toed sandals don't rate as sturdy footwear!)
  • Knee pads and elbow pads are strongly recommended.
  • Patrol Members need to be wearing long sleeve shirt, long pants and sturdy footwear. Gloves are recommended. If you fall over whilst pushing, gravel rash really hurts!
  • $10 per Billy Kart (to be paid on the day)

Whitehorse Showtime - Thu 29 Aug

posted 15 Jul 2019, 05:46 by Andrew Yeaman

Whitehorse Showtime is a theatrical experience performed by the Scouts and Guides of the Mount Dandenong Region. This year 175 enthusiastic and talented Scouts and Guides will take the stage, singing, dancing and best of all, having a lot of fun.

‘Turn the Page’ is all about storytelling. Initially set in a library, it looks at how we consume stories at different ages. The nostalgia of story time, the ‘old school’ parent, who can’t think beyond traditional words on a page and the tech savvy children with interactive devices.

The second act takes a different turn as the audience is taken to our future world, where the Screen Saviours, led by ‘The Moderator’ convince followers to consume content purely through screens. Siblings Charli and Bailey, fed up with the uninspiring, repetitive television they are being asked to produce attempt to resurrect live entertainment, enlisting the help of a ragtag troop of performers to create their Romeo & Juliet ‘song story’.

With an array of catchy tunes, witty humour and lively choreography this is a show for the whole family.

The cost for a ticket is $22. Payment must be made via EFT to the group account. Please include your name and Showtime as the reference for your payment. The group bank account details are as follows:

BSB: 033-061
A/C: 460167

We will go and see the show on Thursday 29 August. The show starts at 7:30pm, so please arrive at the theatre no later than 7:15pm.

The show is being held at the Whitehorse Centre, Whitehorse Road, Nunawading. Drop off and pickup from the Whitehorse Centre.

What to wear:
Uniform and covered shoes

What to bring:
(optional) drink bottle
(optional) money for snacks at interval

Fantastic Race - Sat 3 to Sun 4 August

posted 15 Jul 2019, 05:43 by Andrew Yeaman

This is the biggest Scout game going in Victoria. Got your Myki and your phone all charged up ready to go? Join us on August 3rd and 4th, starting at Heathmont Railway Station. Travel in Patrols on trains. Answer clues. Find stuff. Do things. Have fun. Eat pizza. Watch movies. Get a cool event badge. Sleep optional. 

The cost is $16 per Scout and payment can be made via EFT to the Group account (BSB: 033-061, A/C: 460167) or via CareMonkey (note there is an additional fee of $0.75 when paying by CareMonkey).

The race starts at 7:15am on Saturday 3 August and finishes at 2:30pm on Sunday 4 August.

The race starts at Heathmont Railway station. From there you will travel up and down the railway line between Box Hill and Lilydale/Belgrave looking for clues. On Saturday night you will stay in a Scout Hall (possibly ours!). On Sunday the race finishes up at HE Parker Reserve.

What to wear:
  • casual clothes
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • troop scarf.
What to bring - each Patrol:
  • Two mobile phones (primary and backup) with credit
  • You will just need SMS this year
  • Phone charger for each phone.
What to bring - each Scout:
  • Sleeping bag, stretcher or mat, PJ's and toiletries (put this in a named bag and it will be transported to the sleep hall)
  • Myki with enough credit for two concession Zone 2 Daily tickets ($2.94/day)
  • Backpack with drink bottle, rain coat, hat, lunch, etc
  • Two Printed Care Monkey or Health Forms - one for the PL to carry and one to hand in at registration.
What you eat during the day on Saturday and Sunday is up to you. On Saturday night you will be provided pizza (gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian are available - please advise food issues at registration). On Sunday you will be provided with breakfast at the hall before you leave and sausage in bread (or vegetarian option) at HE Parker Reserve at the finish. 

Parental Help
We will need parents to assist with the luggage transfer on Saturday morning (about 8am) and with the meals on Saturday night (about 6pm)/Sunday morning (about 7:30am). Luggage may be collected from the hall at 8am on Sunday morning or from the finish.

Suburban Adventure Racing - Tues 26 Feb

posted 6 Feb 2019, 04:11 by Andrew Yeaman

orienteering rogaining
1st Heatherdale Scouts are going to attend the Suburban Adventure Racing (street/parkland orienteering) event on Tuesday 26th February to be held at Fairway Reserve Mount Waverley.
NB: This is on Tuesday - Thursday will just be for those going on the Jamboree Reunion Camp.

Background information on Suburban Adventure Racing:

We will meet at Fairway Reserve Mount Waverley at 6:15pm, to be on course by 6:30pm. The Scouts have up to one hour to get to as many checkpoints as they can - every part-minute they are late back they start to lose serious amounts of points.

Pickup time will be 7:45pm at Mount Waverley.

Adults and siblings can participate if they wish to, rather than drive home while the event is on. Adults who have not done Adventure racing before will need to register ($5 for the season), and then $2 to participate. Carpooling is another option.

Please note the cut off date for indicating attendance is the 22nd February - we must let the organisers know we are attending, and who, so that their system can be pre-loaded with our names and the process of getting on the course is not delayed.

The orienteering is a free event for Scouts and youth.

Sometimes there is a barbecue fundraiser run by the host scout group who sell sausages in bread and soft drink cans for the usual prices. 

Tuesday 26th February 2019

Fairway Reserve, Mount Waverley (click me for Melway map)

What to wear:
covered shoes
sunscreen and hat, or raincoat if wet

What to bring:
Drink bottle

Scout Hike - 17 to 19 May 2019

posted 22 Apr 2018, 00:26 by Andrew Yeaman

Scout Hike is an annual, state-wide hiking event for up to 1000 scouts. 

In 2019, Scout Hike will be held in the Tallarook State Forest, from Friday 17 through to Sunday 19 May. 

Branch First Aid, 4x4 and Radio teams work together with the Scout Hike organising committee to provide services and support for this highly successful event. 

Scout Hike has a theme base each year, with every person, Sleep point and activity site being asked to dress-up to the theme each year, so increasing the fun aspect of the weekend. The theme for 2019 is Medieval.

Scouts take part in the event as part of a Learner Patrol or a Competition Patrol.

On Friday evening Scout Patrols from metropolitan Melbourne are transported by coaches to a leader operated Sleep-point in Tallarook State Forest. The PL’s are provided with a map, a list of grid references for Activity and Sleep Point locations, and a Patrol Passport which includes their instructions. Patrols plot the Activity points and decide which route they want to take throughout the weekend. After breakfast on Saturday morning, Competition Patrols set off hiking between Activities to their designated Saturday Sleep Point. Sunday morning they head off again to finish at a central Finish Point, from where they are collected by the coaches and travel back to their original departure location.

Learner Patrols are also provided for, although they are accompanied by an adult on their hike, walk with a full sized backpack (not a day pack) and return to the same Sleep point on Saturday night. Note: on Saturday the full sized back pack is without their tent and sleeping gear which are still set up at their Sleep Point.

Each Activity is a Patrol-based exercise provided by Leaders, Rovers and Venturers. Those which are not purely fun are based on Scout Skills, usually linked to a requirement from the Explorer Level Award Scheme. Patrols are assessed at each Activity as a team in four aspects: "Leadership", "Planning", "Attitude and Enthusiasm" and "Overall Achievement". The total of their weekend scores determine if they are Gold, Silver, Bronze or Competitor standard. Competitive Patrols earning Gold Standard, are "Co-holders" of the Annual Scout Hike Trophy and have the right to proudly display it at Group and other special occasions. Learner patrols all receive a Competition pennant.

The cost is $60.00 per head for all Metro Region Scouts, (plus 100 Bonus Points, if received before 23 April). This covers cost of bus transport to and from the hike area, pennants for each Patrol, badges for each person involved, toilets, drinking water, as well as administration costs. 
Note: There is an additional cost for food for the weekend as determined by the patrol.

The cost for the leader or adult accompanying a Learner Patrol is $36.00.

ALL Applications CLOSE 30 April.

District Raft Race - Sun 24 Feb

posted 15 Feb 2014, 04:02 by Andrew Yeaman

WHEN:  Sunday 24 February, 8am until 3pm 
WHERE: Lilydale Lake, north beach 
WHAT:  Annual raft races & some fun with canoes.
COST: $0

We will meet at the Scout Hall at 8am to load up the trailer with the two rafts. We will then travel to Lilydale Lake to be there by 9am.

Scouts will then need to ensure that their rafts are ship shape and ready to take to the water. Rafts will be judged before racing commences. They will then take to the water and a number of races and other water activities will take place.

Sunscreen, a sun smart hat, sun smart shirt and closed-in footwear MUST be worn throughout the day, including during all water-based activities (Scouts without these on will not be permitted in the water).

There will be a break during proceedings when a BBQ lunch will be served.

Come along and make this a great way to get into the new Scouting year. Family members are welcome to attend and watch you have fun!!!

What to bring/wear:
  • water bottle
  • snacks (to eat throughout the day)
  • sunscreen
  • sun smart hat
  • sun smart shirt
  • towel
  • bag for wet things.
The activity is due to finish at Lilydale Lake at 2:30pm, so we expect to be back at the hall by about 3pm.

We will need some assistance with transport on the day.

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