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Scouts Events 2021

Gilweroo - Fri 19 to Sun 21 Nov

posted 10 Aug 2021, 05:50 by Andrew Yeaman   [ updated 7 Feb 2022, 05:04 ]

This is a major activity camp and is very popular with Scouts across Victoria. It offers a wide variety of fun activities, including flying fox, geocaching, catapaults, rock climbing, water slide to name a few. The camp is held at Bay Park, Mt Martha. The total cost is $80 approx. for the weekend. This camp is very popular which means that you will need to get your name on the list fast! For more details see the Gilweroo web site.

The camp has two activity streams with each activity stream consisting of 11 scheduled activities. Some of these are common to both stream and some are unique. Our most popular activity is the Air Rifles which is part of the Omega stream. There are some conditions that apply specifically to Air Rifles: the participants must be at least 12yo and MUST have permission from a parent or guardian to participate.

The main day time activities are run from 8:00am til 5:30pm on Saturday and 8:00am til 2:00pm Sunday, with only minimal breaks. We will meet at the Scout Hall at 6:30pm on Friday night (19 Nov) and return to the hall by 5pm on Sunday afternoon (21 Nov). You will need to have had tea before we head off to Gilweroo.

We will need some people (parents/venturers) to assist with cooking across the weekend as the Scouts are kept very busy with activities throughout the weekend.

Mandurina - Thu 23 Sep to Mon 27 Sep

posted 10 Aug 2021, 05:38 by Andrew Yeaman   [ updated 7 Feb 2022, 05:05 ]

Going for Gold 

A four night Olympic themed camp 

WHO? Units and Patrols in Whitehorse District - you will camp in Jamboree style Units of four to six patrols. 

WHEN? Thursday evening September 23 to Monday morning September 27, 2021 

WHERE? Harkaway Scout Camp 

WHY? Jamboree preparation and to have fun! 

COST? $60 per Scout 

Don’t worry, we’ll have facilities to watch it on Saturday afternoon!

Cohen Shield - Sun 12 Sep

posted 10 Aug 2021, 05:26 by Andrew Yeaman   [ updated 7 Feb 2022, 05:06 ]

Your Rocket awaits. A Space Adventure beckons. 
Does your Patrol have the skills to take on the challenges presented in exploring a new Planet?
We’ll see.

Over the event your Patrol will face various challenges that will test your skills in Bushcraft, Camping and cooking, Navigation, First Aid and an Environment activity.

Your Patrol will need to :
  • Cater for an exploration party
  • Show good navigation skills to pre- vent getting lost
  • Understand the dangers of a hot bush environment
  • Build an aid for exploration parties to return home safely
  • Be prepared for emergencies.

Billy Kart Challenge - Sat 11 Sep

posted 10 Aug 2021, 05:20 by Andrew Yeaman   [ updated 7 Feb 2022, 05:06 ]

An annual event run at Clifford Park. This event is run on the Saturday and is followed by the Cohen Shield event on the Sunday. Scouts will be able to camp overnight at Clifford Park.

The main aim is for Scouts to build Billy Karts and have fun!

There are 3 main events on the day:
  • Down Hill Challenge
  • Cross Country Rally
  • Precision Slalom Course.
Billy Kart Specifications
  • Billy Kart Minimum width 850mm.  Maximum length 1500mm; (Minimum width to reduce roll over probability)
  • No steel (or other metal) framed billy karts;  (Reduce penetration or sharp corner penetration or crush injuries)
  • The billy cart centre stay and cross pieces are to be constructed of wood;
  • No sharp protrusions;
  • No fixed steering wheel or other fixed devices (eg Braking bar) which may cause a chest crush injury in a collision or roll over;
  • Foot steering on front axle with rope control; (to maximise steering control – billy kart needs to accommodate scouts of differing leg reach)
  • Foot braking systems only (so that scouts do not need to let go of the rope steering mechanism)
  • Steering limiter (A block of wood must be secured to billy kart centre stay so that the steering axle can only rotate 45 degrees in either direction).
  • Wheel diameter is to be a maximum 260mm;
  • Billy karts must have four wheels (No three wheel billy karts – high probability of roll-over).
Patrol Safety Equipment
Scouts participating will need to bring along some Safety Equipment:
  • Drivers MUST be wearing a helmet and gloves at all times whilst driving the Billy Kart. Drivers will also need all exposed skin on arms and legs covered with long sleeve shirt, long pants and sturdy footwear. (Thongs and open toed sandals don't rate as sturdy footwear!)
  • Knee pads and elbow pads are strongly recommended.
  • Patrol Members need to be wearing long sleeve shirt, long pants and sturdy footwear. Gloves are recommended. If you fall over whilst pushing, gravel rash really hurts!

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