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Within the Cub Unit, our Cubs are divided into groups called Patrols - Black Patrol, Red Patrol and Grey Patrol.

The colours for our Patrols are taken from the names of some of Mowgli's 'brother' wolves, in the "Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling .... Black Plume, Red Fang and Grey Brother.

Within each Patrol there is a Patrol Leader (PL) and they wear this scarf ring above their woggle:

PL scarf ring

Also within each Patrol there is an Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) who assists the Patrol and they wear this scarf ring above their woggle:
APL scarf ring

The PLs and APLs are there to assist the Leaders with the smooth operating of the weekly program; however, they're still there to enjoy Cubs and have fun!