Joey Scouts

The Joey Scout section is for boys and girls aged 5 to 8 years old, and progress to the Cub Scout Section before their 9th birthday. Joey Scouts are provided with opportunities for:
  • playing sport, games and doing other activities in a safe & fun way
  • (eg. food, crafts, Special Person’s nights, learning about disabilities or different countries)
  • occasional excursions (eg. visit vet or Charity Warehouse or Old Peoples Home, go swimming or rollerskating), sleepovers or movie nights
  • occasional family or group activities (eg. family camp, Zoo Day, City Trip).
Our Joey Scouts meet on Monday nights from 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

Joey Scouts all wear a uniform which allows members to be identified as part of the group. The Joey Scout program will help Joey Scouts learn about self, nature, helping others and as a result find fun. Joey Scouts will also receive badges through the participation scheme. 

Joey Leaders have either an Australian animal or aboriginal word for an alias name.

We ask each family to help by being a parent helper on 2-4 nights per term.

General Format of a Joey Night
  • Arrival
    while waiting for everyone to arrive, the children can play with the balls available 
  • Opening Ceremony
    stand in a circle with the leaders – includes doing the “H.O.P” (Help Other People – motto of Joey Scouts), saluting the Australian flag 
  • Activities
    sometimes based on a theme (e.g. Mothers’ night, Clean Up Australia, Australiana, Bring a Friend night) & usually include: 
    games (indoor or outdoor) * crafts * sometimes a story * activity (e.g. cooking or sampling) 
  • Closing Ceremony
    stand in a circle with the leaders – includes doing the “H.O.P”, saying goodnight to the leaders & thanks to the parent helpers & any announcements for the families

Would you like to join us:   
Contact Us if you're interested in Joeys and would like to come along on a Monday night to have a look.

A new member will normally try out for at least 3-4 weeks before they are invested and put into uniform. A new member must complete the Prospective Youth Member form prior to commencing.