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The Patrol is the basic unit for activities and training and it provides:
  • Opportunities for leadership experience for the Patrol Leader
  • Opportunities for the Patrol members to gain leadership training through observation of the Patrol Leader and by accepting responsibilities within the Patrol
  • The opportunity to belong to and work in an autonomous group within the overall structure of the Troop
  • A secure environment in which members can test their physical, social and mental abilities
  • Opportunities for practising and expressing concern for others
  • The opportunity to manage and administer Patrol property, finance and other resources.

Our patrols are called Scorpions, Redbacks, Lyrebirds and Eagles.
Patrol emblems are worn on the left sleeve of the uniform. See badge placement for more details.

Each night when we meet at the hall one patrol is nominated as the Duty Patrol. The Duty Patrol is required to:
  • ensure everyone is on parade and ready to start the night by 7pm
  • as part of the opening parade:
    • break the flag
    • say a prayer
  • lead the first game for the night
  • as part of the closing parade:
    • drop the flag
  • after the closing parade:
    • fold the flag
    • sweep the hall
    • clean the kitchen (wash up any cups)
    • make sure that the toilets have toilet paper