Cub Unit Organisation


Usually a Cub Scout Unit runs with 18 to 24 Cub Scouts, organised into three or four groups of six Cub Scouts called Patrols. Each Patrol is named after a colour, and is led by an older Cub Scout called a ‘Patrol Leader’ (PL), and assisted by an ‘Assistant Patrol Leader’ (APL). The Cub Scout theme is based around Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, with the Cub Scout Leader named ‘Akela’ after the leader of the wolf pack, and the other leaders taking on other character names from the book, such as ‘Baloo’, ‘Bagheera’, ‘Raksha’ and ‘Chil’. The Cub Scout motto is Do Your Best. Once a term the Akela will get together with the Patrol Leaders at a Unit Council to talk about the Unit’s activities.

Unit Council

The Unit Council is an advisory body, whose members, as representatives of the Cub Scout Unit, pass on the program and activity suggestions of the Unit members. It is also a valuable medium for informal discussion on issues which may be affecting the smooth running of Unit Meetings and the PL's or APL’s leadership of his/her Patrol. It is an excellent training ground for PLs and APLs. Unit Councils enable the Leaders to ascertain and meet the needs of the Cub Scouts. Just as important, it gives the roles of the PL and APL a sense of importance and status, resulting in a good team spirit and overall Unit co-operation.

The Unit Council members are:

The Cub Scout Leader (CSL) normally chairs the Unit Council meeting. Should the CSL not be available, another Leader will do so.

Unit Council generally meet once per term usually before a normal Cub night.  Our usual place is either Hungry Jacks or McDonalds.

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