Title traditionally given to the Leader in Charge of a Cub Scout Unit, still in very common usage worldwide.

Assistant Patrol Leader - A senior member of the Patrol who helps looks after the patrol and assist in the running of the Unit.

Be Prepared
The motto of the worldwide Scout Movement.

Baden Powell, the founder of the World Scout Movement.

Camp Blanket
A blanket onto which a Scouting person sews a collection of badges.

Camp Chief
The leader in charge of a large camp or a Jamboree.

A gathering of Scouts around a fire for fun, song and fellowship.

Challenge Valley
Obstacle Course typically located at a Scout Activity Centre like Clifford or Gilwell Park.

Code of Conduct
A stated code of expected conduct that applies to all Adult Leaders within Scouts Australia. Groups/Units may have their own Code of Conduct.

Cub Scout Leader / Assistant Cub Scout Leader.

A gathering of a large number of Cub Scouts to have fun and do activities; similar to a Jamboree for Scouts but on a smaller scale - generally state based.

Cub Scout
A term used to describe a member of the Cub Scout Section (aged 8-11 years).

Traditional Australian bush bread, made of plain flour, salt and water - cooked on hot coals and served with butter, jam and possibly golden syrup.

An office for Leaders or a special place for a Scout Patrol or a special place for a Venturer Unit.

Dilly Bag
Draw-string bag in which plates, and cutlery are kept and brought to camp.

A geographic area that contains a number of Scout Groups. We are part of the Whitehorse District.

District Commissioner - the manager of the District.

Family Camp
A camp, generally run by an entire Scout Group, in which all members of each family, Scouting members or not, are welcome to attend.

Flag Break
A ceremony in which the flag is unfurled for the day, usually early in the morning or at the start of the evening's program. 

Fleur de Lis
Universal Scouting Symbol, normally surrounded by a circle of rope featuring a Reef Knot at the bottom. French in origin, also sometimes written as 'Fleur de lys'.

Gilwell Woggle
A leather woggle (in a Turks Head style) made of a thin strip of leather. Signifies part completion of Adult Leader Training.

Group Leader - the local manager of a Scout Group.

Grand Howl
The opening ceremony for our Cub Scouts, taken from the Jungle Book.

Grey Wolf Award
Highest award which can be achieved by a Cub Scout.

Group Camp
A camp for all sections of a particular Group, for youth members only.

Group Committee
A support committee run by each Scout Group made up of parent volunteers under the direction of the Group Leader; also known as a Parent Committee.

A process of introducing a person to a new Unit.

A ceremony in which a youth member or adult joins 1st Heatherdale and the World Scout Movement.

A large gathering of Scouts who rally at a national or international level. Australian Jamborees are normally held every 3 years and attract up to 10,000 participants from across the nation plus some international participants.

Joey Scout
A term used to describe a member of the Joey Scout Section (aged 5-8 years).

Joint Activity
A term used to describe activities undertaken by different Sections together, eg, Cub Scouts and Scouts together for a sleep over.

Jamboree On The Trail - a virtual Jamboree whereby all participants go hiking on the same weekend in different places.

Jamboree On The Air - a virtual Jamboree whereby all participants talk to other Scouts via ham radio.

Jamboree On The Internet - a virtual Jamboree whereby all participants talk to other Scouts via the internet.

Joey Scout Leader / Assistant Joey Scout Leader.

Jungle Book
A fictional book about a boy in the Jungle who is raised by wolves. This story is the basis for the theme of the Cub Scout Section [written by Rudyard Kipling].

A knot designed to tie two pieces of timber or two poles together. Commonly used to build rafts or bridges.

Left Handshake
A symbolic Scouting gesture of greeting Baden Powell adopted from African Zulu warriors.

Outdoor Adventure Skills - Activities which enable youth members to learn and undertake new adventurous activity skills and develop existing skills. 

Participate, Assist, Lead - Youth members can earn Milestone Badges by simply participating in the program, assisting with the program or running part of the program.

Parent Helper
A parent who has a Working with Children’s Check and is registered with Scouts Victoria.

A small sub-group of a Unit, usually comprising 4-8 youth members.

Patrol Leader - A senior member of the Patrol who looks after the patrol and assist in the running of the Unit.

Peak Award
Every section has a peak award that youth members can strive to achieve, eg, Grey Wolf Award in Cubs and Queen's Scout Award in Venturers.

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)
Author of 'The Jungle Book' on which the Cub Scout Section theme is based.

The triangular scarf that is traditionally worn around the neck by Scouts.

A term used to describe a member of the Scout Section (aged 11-14 years). Also a common collective term for all persons in Scouting.

Scout Law
All members undertake to live by the Scout Law. See also Promise and Law.

Scout Promise
All members are required to make the Scout Promise. See also Promise and Law.

Scout Salute
The three fingered salute which is done with the little finger tucked under the thumb, devised by Baden Powell in the early days of the movement and still used worldwide.

Scouts Own
A short gathering of Scouts to provide a time of reflection.

A term used to generally describe all sub-program areas of Scouting across the age groupings.

Special Interest Area - Youth members may choose activity or project ideas that interest them, and set their own goals using Plan>Do>Review>.

Scout Leader / Assistant Scout Leader.

Sleep Over
An overnight event usually at a Scout Hall during which the Unit supposedly sleeps ... at the hall.

The title given to a group of Scouts within a Scout Group. This term is used interchangeably with Section.

Unit Council
The management and decision making body of a Unit, made up of Adult Leaders and Youth Leaders.

Venturer Leader / Assistant Venturer Leader.

Device used to hold a scarf around the neck. May be made of any material and may have various markings.

The Wolf remains the universal symbol of Cub Scouts around the world.

A story traditionally told around a campfire by Leaders in order to impart a lesson or some wisdom. Baden Powell specifically wrote of yarns for Scouts as an important tool.