Achievement Pathways Elements

The Achievement Pathways will help you get the most out of Scouting. If you follow the Achievement Pathways your Scouting journey will be fun, challenging, adventurous, and inclusive. 

The Achievement Pathway elements are:  

Program Essentials

The Program Essentials cover the core Scouting experience. You will complete the Program Essentials through attendance and active participation in the Scout Program. They are your core experience in Scouting; 

The Program Essentials have been designed to be completed through attendance and active participation. They are the regular Scouting program, and should not be treated as stand-alone items.

Milestone One

Milestone Two

Milestone Three

Outdoor Adventure Skills

These are activities which enable you to learn and undertake new adventurous activity skills and develop existing skills. You progress through these stages at your own pace. 

The Outdoor Adventure Skills are: 

Special Interest Areas

You choose activity or project ideas that interest you, and set your own goals using Plan>Do>Review>!

The different Special Interest Areas are:

The Peak Award

Your final achievement as a Scout before you move up to Venturer Scouts, might be the Australian Scout Award. This is the Peak Award for Scouts. 

To achieve the Peak Award you need to: