Explore the Unknown

Scouts is where you can explore the unknown

Scouts is about exploring the unknown. The Scout section may be the beginning of your journey as a Scout or it may be the next step on your journey if you started as a Joey Scout or Cub Scout. 

Whilst exploring the unknown, you will work independently with your patrol, building your personal confidence and leadership. This might include creatively finding new ways to problem solve as a patrol, expressing your evolving character and learning about priorities to enable you to pursue your passions and interests. You will connect with the simplicity of nature and the complexities of life. You will be exploring expanding communities both locally and globally and tackling creative, outdoor and personal growth challenges along the way. 

You can choose to explore new, and expand on your existing, adventurous activity interests; canyoning, caving, scuba diving, white water rafting and much more. You could be exploring multiday bushwalking trails, survival skills and other adventures in the outdoors. 

The best thing about Scouts is that with your Patrol you can express yourself and conquer your fears.