About 1st Heatherdale

The 1st Heatherdale Scout Group (part of Scouts Australia) has been a part of the local community (Heatherdale, Mitcham, Vermont) since 1957 - providing a safe but challenging environment for the youth of the community to gain new experiences.

The aim of Scouting is to encourage the physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional development of young people so that they can take a constructive place in society as responsible citizens.

You can reasonably expect that your son or daughter will be in the hands of capable and caring leaders who have a commitment to providing a stimulating and interesting program designed to assist children to develop into self-reliant and responsible members of the community. Scouting emphasises nature, outdoor adventure, citizenship, leadership, teamwork and, of course, having fun!

Our Scout Group is part of one of the most successful Districts in Victoria. This is so because the local community has worked hard to make it that way. It really is a community affair. Scout Groups are formed and maintained because parents believe in the benefits and teachings that Scouting has to offer and want to make it available to their children.

Since its inception in 1908, Scouting has been dedicated to the ideal that young people will make better citizens and be happier individuals if their natural enthusiasm and desire for adventure and to be with friends are allied to a sense of purpose and achievement. It is a framework within which important ‘life skills’ can be learned, such a leadership, self-reliance, initiative, community spirit, teamwork, first aid, care for the environment, and responsibility.

Scouting can offer endless possibilities and consists of a number of sections for different aged Youth Members. Browse through some Scouting Activities to see just a sample of what’s available. In this respect Scouting is unique in that it encompasses so many different types of activities and skills in a safe and fun environment, giving the youth a ‘taste’ for learning new skills, that could lead them to future hobbies, adventures or even careers.

Finally, the Scout Association is a volunteer run organisation and is only as good as its leaders and supporters make it. We trust that your family will make a strong commitment to support our Scout Group for the benefit of your children and our community - either as leaders or parent helpers at a meeting, or as a member of the Group Committee.

1st Heatherdale ...

a part of the community since 1957

The management, leadership and support of the Group is carried out by a Group Leader, Group Council and a Group Committee.

The Group Leader is responsible for the overall youth program, staffing and training of leaders and Scouting fundamentals, as well as liaison with the Group Committee.

The Group Council consists of all uniformed leaders of the Group and is primarily responsible for the membership, planning, programming, training and joint events. Meetings of the Group Council are usually chaired by the Group Leader.

The Group Committee is primarily responsible for matters of finance, equipment, accommodation, recruitment and support of leaders.