Scout Uniform

The standard Scout uniform consists of a blue shirt (Scout logo embroidered on pocket) with green shoulders and collar, a scarf and a woggle. The scarf and all badges are provided by the Group and you need to provide the rest. This includes pants or shorts (plain color) and runners or closed shoes (no thongs or sandals).

The shirt is available either as:

button-up shirt

polo shirt

The woggle is used to hold the scarf together:

For more formal occasions, eg, ANZAC Day parade, the uniform is worn with a plain pair of stone/beige or blue pants (no jeans or tracksuit pants) and a pair of black or brown shoes. If a belt is worn it must be the official Scout belt.

stone/beige pants

blue pants


All of the items shown on this page are available online at The Scout Shop or in person at the Snowgum factory outlet (1702 Dandenong Road, Oakleigh East, 3166).

Note: Official Scout uniform can only be purchased from The Scout Shop or Snowgum.