Becoming a leader provides parents with an opportunity to join in on their child's fun.  Why should they have all the fun?

It also allows you to provide input into your child's adventures in Scouting as well as allowing you to do things you may have never thought of doing - rock climbing, camping, caving and many other activities that we don't do every day.

Our children grow up quickly so being a part of their time in Scouting lets you bond and experience things together.

Scouting also provides Leaders with training to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary knowledge to manage and provide our youth members with a varied and exciting program. All leaders are required to undergo a Poilce check and a Working with Children Check before they commence.

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The goal of the group is to recruit at least one new leader to each section of our group each year. As most of our leaders join due to their children being involved it is important to ensure that we have a new leader each year as undoubtedly a leader or a group of leaders will leave or follow their child to the next section.

The group will also support leaders by providing a discount to your group fees, reimbursement of a leader's Scout shirt and all Scout training.  Another incentive for leaders to participate in major Scouting events (Kangaree, Cuboree and Jamboree) the group will also endeavor as a minimum to reimbursement half of the attendance fee.

So if you would like to join in the fun, come along to a meeting and don't be shy; the more the merrier.  We always need leaders or parent helpers. For information on Parent Helpers please click here.