Unit Council

What is a Unit Council?

The Unit Council is a group of youth members and adult leaders that lead aspects of the Unit. In the Scout section, the Unit Council is a meeting of the Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders, Unit Leaders and adult Leaders. If suitable, other interested Scouts can also come along to Unit Council meetings and participate. 

In the Scout section, the Unit Council takes responsibility for driving the experience of the Unit, including program planning, general Unit management and support of individuals. 

The Unit Council should meet when it works for them. In the Scout section, the Unit Council will meet more often than in the previous two sections, and not every meeting will cover program planning (they have a longer list of responsibilities!). Meetings involving program planning should happen towards the end of the program cycle. 

Scouts may choose to meet on the same or a different night to the regular program activity – timing and location should be flexible – you don’t need to meet at the Scout Hall!

Our Unit Council meets regularly (once or twice a term) for medium to long term planning as well as weekly, before and after the Scout Night from 6:45pm-7pm and 8:45pm-9pm, for planning and review.