Ice Blocking

This is a great night of fun where you get to slide down a hill on an ice block! The only equipment needed is a block of ice, thick clothing and a bike helmet. An old towel (do not bring a good towel as it is likely to get quite stained), a hessian sack or even an old piece of carpet is recommended to sit on. The ice block needs to be big enough so that you can sit on it and thick enough that it does not break in half too easily. 

To make the ice block you need a plastic container. The size of the ice block you require will depend on the size of your Scout. A 4 litre icecream container will make a small one. You can use a 15 litre activity box to make a larger block.  Fill with at least 10 cm of water and freeze for at least 2-3 days. You can add some reinforcing to the ice block by freezing something like an onion bag within the block (do not use metal!). You can also make a handle for your ice block by freezing a piece of rope into the block.

It is likely that you will become wet and dirty, so don't wear your best shorts/pants and runners! Don't forget your helmet.

So it is time to start making those ice blocks in order to be ready for the night. So get freezing!

We will start the night at the hall for parade and then head over to the basin for some ice blocking fun.

Things you need to know: