Recording Achievements

How are my achievements recorded?

In Scouting there are many ways to record your own personal progression. 

Just like how your Scouting journey is all around your interests, pursuits and adventures, the way that you record your achievements is also about your personal preference. 

We have a fantastic digital system, called Terrain ( where you can type, upload files, plan program nights, projects and journeys and we also have some paper resources such as our planning templates for Special Interest Areas etc. 

We encourage you to work out a system that works for you harnessing our digital system and other means. 

Who signs off on achievements? 

Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders, Unit Leader, Unit Council members, adult Leaders, the individual leading an activity, a 2 up peer in Outdoor Adventure skills, subject matter experts… It all depends on what work you have done, who has seen it and what component of the program it relates to.